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January 2008, the media, once again, shown in the police section, the murders of women due to sexist violence, and in each of the articles the headlines stand out: “crime of passion”. We began to consider that these murders needed to be seen and considered from a political and a gender perspective. But especially, from the popular feminism perspective that we had begun to experience. This is why we decided to highlight in a political way the murders of women due to sexist violence, now known as femicides.

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We wanted to carry out a quantitative and qualitative analysis, but at the same time, we wanted society to be able to easily access our report, impacting culture, and influencing public policy. We wanted to highlight injustices and the negative effects of patriarchy.

After the publication of the first report, the Zambrano family contacted us to tell us the story of Adriana Zambrano. Adriana, or Lili, as her relatives called her, is for us the emblem of injustice and impunity in cases of sexist violence. On July 13, 2008, Adriana Marisel Zambrano, only 28 years old, was beaten to death with a masonry tool, with fists and kicks to various parts of the body, in Palpalá, Jujuy. José Manuel Alejandro Zerda, 29, was sentenced to five years in prison as the author of "pre-intentional homicide" for murdering Adriana, his ex-partner and mother of his daughter who, at the time of the crime, had barely nine months to live. Currently, in 2013, Zerda is free and claiming custody of her daughter.
Today, although the story of Adriana Marisel Zambrano is known, as well as those of more than a thousand women who were murdered by sexist violence in the last five years, we think of this book as a tool. Not only for analysis but also to facilitate the training of relevant people and organizations. In addition, it will be useful to promote new public policies and improve and deepen the criteria for the implementation of those policies that already exist. We recognize all that progress has been made on the subject, but we know that there is still much to do.
Femicides are deaths that can be avoided if, in addition to public policies, we all work to build a society based on equity, equality, free from prejudice, and all forms of violence.


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