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The publication of the book Por Ellas... 10 years, was carried out with the support of:

Onu Mujeres

Ministerio de Desarrollo Urbano y Habitat

Defensoría del Pueblo

Fundación Avon para la mujer

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The publication of our second book highlights a decade of uninterrupted work carried out.
The Observatory on Femicides in Argentina “Adriana Marisel Zambrano” led by La Casa del Encuentro.
These statistics were collected in support of the design of laws and policies to generate changes in pursuit of gender equality and equity.

From the beginning we considered the need to use a gender-based perspective to shed light on the murders of women not as a private or personal problem, but as a political problem. Hence our commitment as a civil association: to measure and name this form of sexist violence: "femicide": women murdered for being women.

Later, it became necessary to have statistics that showed not only the magnitude of extreme violence against women, but also its defining characteristics and geographic dimensions. Over the years we added variables that allowed us to analyze the multiple edges to the most extreme form of violence.

In this new book, our proposal is deeper and more exhaustive. In addition to publishing the figures and statistics of femicides and transfemicides / transvesticides committed in Argentina from 2008 to 2017, we seek to offer an analysis tool with disaggregated data that contributes to improving strategies for the prevention and eradication of the most extreme expression of violence against women and diversity.

Por Ellas... we share with you 10 years of Reports on Femicides in Argentina.

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To the Zambrano family for allowing us to identify the Observatory on Femicides in Argentina with the name of Adriana Marisel Zambrano.
To all the people in the feminist movement with whom we fight hand in hand to eradicate gender-based violence.
To Government, National, and Provincial agencies, and National and Provincial Legislatures which take these reports as a basis for analysis to improve public policies.
To the journalism that, by disseminating the news on femicides and transfemicides/ transvesticides, allows us to prepare these reports.


Asociación Civil La Casa del Encuentro, Espacio feminista, social y cultural. Estamos en Yatay 125, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teléfono 5411-4982-2550 o teléfono de emergencias 15 5997-8955